On Becoming Great

A Flywheel is used to store energy and, once properly in motion, can provide enough energy to power a system with near unstoppable momentum. Companies that consistently pull ahead of the competition have a strong Flywheel helping to drive their progress. 
Think of your company as a Flywheel.  Imagine your Flywheel building its momentum as your people push it forward.  Most leaders know what needs to get done but are usually missing one or two critical pieces that are causing their Flywheel to be misaligned, leading to wasted efforts and frustration over results.

Those leaders that keep a strong focus on understanding their Flywheel and keep their team focused to maintain an unwavering push on it, will find it begins to accelerate almost on its own. When fully energized a Flywheel has its own weight driving its momentum, the company becomes juggernaut in face of its competition.

A straightforward and systemized approach to properly loading the Flywheel, helps leaders to motivate their entire organization.  Employing a practical and easy to understand approach to Loading the Flywheel,  provides the management team the quick successes required to keep them engaged on a weekly basis that will transform your company.